Boutique Manager

POSTED ON Jul. 8, 2019

Store: Forema Boutique

Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description

Forema Boutique in Gulf Coast Town Center is a women’s clothing store. Our mission is to provide clothing and styling for the most happy of souls! We are currently seeking a boutique manager responsible for creating an upbeat, positive environment, while managing a team of sales associates which includes setting & maintaining schedules, providing excellent coaching and building positive relationships, creating beautiful merchandise displays & most importantly, providing the best customer service. We strive to find candidates that will actively approach customers and engage them in conversation to identify their fashion needs! Our training provides employees with the tools to deliver exceptional service but first we need an outgoing and upbeat attitude to build on.

Qualifications & Requirements

Must commit to a full time management position (40+ hours). Must work weekends. Strong leadership skills. Great communication skills. Outgoing & positive. Willingness to learn & grow.

How to Apply

Apply through our company’s website or email us your resume and cover letter.


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